Welcome to SpokesWomen Cycling

We are Little Rhody’s only all women cycling team and we are delighted that you might be interested in joining us!

Our Mission: To get more women on road bikes and to help those women feel the camaraderie and support of riding as a team.

Our Nickname: SpoWo’s!

Our Season: April through October, every other Saturday, ride start 9 a.m.

Stay in the loop:

  • To subscribe to SpoWo emails, click here. (Remember to check your spam folder if you’re not receiving regular emails from us – email us with any issues.)
  • To see our Facebook page, click here.

Our Routes and Pace: We ride moderate distances at a moderate pace. Rides are between 25-35 miles, with harder, more hilly rides towards the end of the season. We only use NBW arrowed routes, so for more information about our routes or to download a map in advance, go to their website: http://nbwclub.org. FYI: Maps and/or cue sheets are provided at every ride. We recommend that you be able to ride a minimum of 13-16 mph on the flat. We have no-drop policy. That means we have a leader and a sweeper for every ride so that “no child is left behind”, but you’ll have much more fun if you can keep up with the group. We also highly recommend that you use a road bike (vs. a hybrid or mountain bike) with clipless pedals as this will also help you keep pace. Some people ride faster or even much faster than that and it’s all good. You can abandon your leader or sweeper, but we will not abandon you!

Riding Safe: You may be an experienced cyclist or a newbie, but we like to provide a bit of guidance to help keep everyone safe and happy on our rides.

Please review the rules of the road put out by the League of American Bicyclists. Courtesy and proactive riding become even more important when riding in groups, so please be sure you are familiar with safety guidelines.

Some quick basics:

  • Helmets mandatory.
  • Be predictable and consistent
  • Use hand signals for turn
  • Warn other riders about cars by saying “Car back”, “Car up”, and when crossing a road say either “Clear!” or “Car Right” or “Car Left
  • Warn other riders about obstacles, holes or glass in the road by pointing down at the problem as you ride by
  • Warn other riders if you are passing on their left or their right by saying: “On your right/left!”
  • Follow all traffic laws, signs and signals
  • Wear a Road ID on your wrist when you ride to provide emergency info in case of an accident. For a link to their website click here.

We strongly advise that you ride with your cell phone and put the phone number of whoever is leading and sweeping a ride into your directory before we ride off. This way you’ll be able to let us know if you have a mechanical problem, get lost, if you or someone else has gotten injured or that you need assistance of some kind. Cell numbers are given out at the start of the ride.


How many women are on a typical ride?

Usually 8-12

How do I know how fast I ride?

If you don’t have a computer on your bike, time yourself on one of your typical routes and see how long it takes you. Then drive the route, figure out the distance and do the math.

What do I need to bring to the ride?

An air pump, extra tubes, energy bars or other snacks, 2 water bottles. In the hot weather we recommend filling at least one of the bottles with an electrolyte replacement, such as Gu Brew.


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  1. Please add “Helmets Mandatory, Don’t Leave Home Without It”, to your basics list as #1. Thankyou.,

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